water based formula

Made for sensitive skin, eyes and nose, our nail polish uses a water based formula - omitting known irritants and potentially harmful synthetics, harsh solvents, preservatives, and fragrances.

Clean, Gentle, high performance

Hello Tomato is the first luxury water based nail brand with brilliant high gloss colors that lasts for days. It could possibly be the cleanest, gentlest, high performance nail polish there is.

opulence & optimism


An homage to one of the most vibrant and opulent era in beauty, fashion, architecture and music. Gold & Jazz was a reflection of the roaring 20's fascination with luxury, glamour, opulence and modernity. Jazz music became the soundtrack of the era, with its lively beats and syncopated rhythms reflecting the energetic lifestyle of the time. Art Deco design, with its sleek, streamlined shapes and bold colors, was a visual representation of the optimism of that vibrant dynamic time in history.