Why HELLO TOMATO was born.

Having been sensitive to toxins all my life, I’ve made a conscious change to using natural household cleaning goods, avoiding hair dyes, lash glue, and other products that contains strong chemicals.

For me, regular nail polish caused adverse reactions; onycholysis (nail lifting), eye dermatitis (swelling, itchiness, rashes), and onychomycosis (nail fungus). So I almost gave up wearing nail polish altogether. I tested countless supposedly non toxic nail polish, but even claims of 10 free contained Ethyl and Butyl Acetate, which still irritated my nails, skin, and eyes. As I looked deeper, I realized that I wasn’t the only one having a hard time finding an alternative that is both zero irritant yet performs like regular polish. Unhappy with what was out there, I decided to create my own, working with chemists to come up with a formula that has vibrant color saturation, consistency, and durability. The result; an odorless water based nail polish, with colors derived only from non toxic pigments. We finally created a formula that works for people like me. As we are continually improving the formula and grow as a brand, we will have better and more colors to offer.

In the meantime, HELLO TOMATO is the first luxury water based nail brand with brilliant high gloss colors that lasts chip proof for up to 5 days. It truly is the cleanest high performance nail polish that has all the features I’m happy with, and I hope that it’ll work for you too!

Here’s to tiny joy at the tip of our fingers.


Sylvia, founder


I’d love to hear your nail story, and feedback. Drop me a message at sylvia@hellotomato.co

Happiness Guarantee
Hello Tomato offers a full refund. What makes Sylvia happy, who has always adopted a minimalist lifestyle, is bringing real value to her customers.