How should I apply?

  • Preparing your canvas - shape, file and buff.

  • Wipe with alcohol pads.

  • Shake bottle before use.

  • Apply a thin coat.

  • Wait 1 min.

  • Repeat once or twice.

  • Apply GLOSSY COAT.

  • Let dry 5 mins.

  • Wait 1 hr before any contact with water.

How should remove?

  • Remove with regular Isopropyl Alcohol, or

  • Apply a thick layer of Eraser Gel.

  • Wait 30 secs.

  • Wipe off with paper towel or a cuticle pusher.

  • Repeat if needed.

  • Wipe off the residue with an alcohol pad.

  • Apply new color.

  • For those with sensitivities to isopropyl alcohol, use warm water to chip away gently.

Any tips to make my manicure last longer?

  • Avoid hand sanitizers as alcohol dissolves our polish. We recommend antiseptic wipes like this one

  • Allow 3 hours for polish to fully dry before any contact with water - especially warm/ hot water.

  • Best time apply are evenings before bedtime, so it has plenty of time to dry naturally while you sleep.

  • The smoother the nail surface, the longer your manicure will last. So preparation is essential to a polished look.

  • Apply our Glossy Top Coat for added performance.

Why is the consistency thicker than a regular nail polish?

Because the formula is water based, it needs a slightly thicker consistency to have the same color brilliance and shine as regular polish.